K2 Partner

QI Solutions is a registered K2 Partner. As a K2 partner we can recommend, define, design, build, deploy and/or manage K2 technology solutions for our customers


K2 Platform Overview

Deliver powerful process automation across the business.

K2’s process automation platform makes it possible to deliver integrated, mission-critical process automation at scale and quickly roll out lightweight departmental workflows across the business.

Integrate with Anything

Connect all your systems and data quickly. Reusable integration points let you build once and deploy across your business.

Feature-Rich Forms

Create and publish forms in minutes. Advanced features mean you can customize for every need.

Workflow Without Code

Visual designers, reusable components and built-in logic help you automate faster.

Deeper Analytics

Get the real-time process insights and data visualization you need to make smart decisions.

Faster Apps

Build a solution in three steps or download ready-to-go apps. Either will help you get a jump start on deployment and reducing the IT backlog.

Make Apps Mobile

Do business from anywhere, at any time — even when you’re offline.

Security & Governance at the Core

Maintain regulation and compliance standards through our comprehensive security and governance features.

Choice of Deployment

Choose from on-premises or cloud deployment to suit your business needs now and in the future.

Everything You Need to Be Successful

Adopting K2 is only the first step. We are relentlessly committed to supporting our customers and ensuring their success in every step of the journey — from buying decisions to implementation.